My experience with Joanne Lauro, # 1 Health Coach
 I am 57 years old, exercised rarely and at the time that I met Joanne on September 7, 2013, I weighed 257 pounds.
My many doctors had me on 3 types of diabetes medicine and 5 types of blood pressure/cholesterol medicine. I have dieted on and off for many years and have been a diabetic for over 10 years.
I provided Joanne with quite a challenge – I want to be off all medications and want to weigh 180 pounds by summer time. Did she run, no way! She sat down with me, explained her approach and asked me to trust her.
She claimed that I would not be dieting but rather I would be making a life style change by making healthier food choices and adopting whole, natural foods rather then eating processed foods. She said that I would lose weight and start to feel better so that I would want to start exercising, which in turn would make me lose weight faster. She did not put any pressure on me to exercise, but rather she left that decision up to me as to when I was going to feel comfortable enough to start exercising.
Joanne was very caring and patient in the way she explained the foods that I could eat and not eat, how they reacted with my many ailments and if I fell off the wagon, that was okay because I am not dieting but making a life style change and after all we are human beings, each of us having our own weaknesses to overcome. Remember, she would say, you are in this for the long haul what is a little cheat here or there as along as you understand what caused the need to cheat and then in our weekly meeting discussed the emotions or feelings that led to your bad eating decisions. She never got angry or frustrated, he just smiled and started said to start over again. She has a book, that ties foods into emotions and while I was skeptical at first, I could tell her the food that I “cheated on” and she would tell me that I had more stress or a bad day at work. When I sat back and thought about what happened that day, no wonder I ate everything in sight. Food and emotions go hand in hand and if you can control the emotions the food will be controlled as well. Those words really hit home and know I knew why I wanted that gallon of ice cream or chocolate bar or drink! I never felt like I was being or going to be reprimanded for any of the bad choices I made during the week, she was always very supportive and understanding..
Joanne is very easy going, spends as much time with you as you need, is always available for a quick telephone call or text message. Unlike my doctors, she answers in 15 to 20 minutes at the latest. I have on occasion texted her as I was preparing a meal to ask if I could eat this or that and received her yeah or nay in plenty of time to adjust the ingredients of my meal.
I could go on and on but then I would sound like a fan, well I am!
Status report on where I have been and were I am today:
In one month without exercising, I lost 15 pounds and felt so good and not hungry, I cut out the snacks that she built into my menu and starting to exercise with the Insanity video that is advertised on the television. I get up each morning at 4:30 AM to exercise and usually stay up to 10:30 most nights, I have so much energy, I even beat my wife to the housework, except for dishes.
My diabetes doctor took me off the insulin and reduced my 2nd diabetes medicine and my internist lowered the dose on one of my blood pressure medicines as well.
As of today, Jan. 13th, I have lost 42 pounds, do not take any diabetes medicine, my total cholesterol is 120 and my good cholesterol has risen over 50 % since Oct. 13th. I will see my internist in two weeks and hope to be off many of the blood pressure medication as well. All of these results without dieting!
Trust me, Joanne is an angel of God, she knows what she is talking about and gets results.
My wife started working with Joanne two days ago, that alone tells you how much trust and confidence I have in Joanne’s methods. I guess in 4 month’s my wife and I will be fighting over the household chores when she gets all of her energy back.
Please give her a try, you will not be sorry. Peter



Love those sayings!
Thank you. Keeps me focused

I owe it all to you!

Walked in to church, HLN’s weight support group, felt comfort and support

Your started my road to wellness-  thanks Tracy


I Like your style!

Thanks for listening to my ranting yesterday. I have not shared those thoughts with two many people. You are very easy to talk to, that makes you very special to me.
You have been a real plus in my life.
I'm so excited.  For the first time in three weeks my blood pressure was 155/85. It has been more than 190 to 205/90. I have more to do to get better numbers but I am excited.

I think you are good at this!
I probably have the same knowledge as most nutritionalist
But this “health coach” (“life coach”) stuff is more important for most people including myself.
Talk to you soon Eric.

You are also a talented writer I see! This one is the best newsletter yet!

Do your talents never cease? I love you and appreciate all that you are Joanne.
Thank you for being so open and honest with your struggles. It allows me to know that it is OK to not be perfect – While striving for perfection I most often find myself overworked, overstressed and NOT in control which is exactly the opposite of what I am striving for!
Love you! Hoping to get back to meetings – The holiday season has been hard!

Great every on is telling me how
Good I look.
Thanks to you Joanne

Omg Joanne these meals are delicious!!!!!
Paul is crazy over the honey mustard chicken and I am crazy about the turkey meatballs!!!
Dawn& Paul

I have the best health coach,
Your amazing and inspiring
Thanks so much for your patience

The meals are delicious!!
I’ve been a bit hungry but only a few more days.
I lost 4 lbs.! YEAH!

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Reference for Joanne Lauro 
I have known Joanne as a neighbor, school colleague and  friend for many years.  I assisted her with her father’s financial needs, and when she began her career as a nutrition counselor, I turned to her for help. 
I have had a weight and eating problem for many years, and Joanne assisted me in learning to eat well and to lose weight. For a period of nearly two years, she demonstrated how to use healthy foods well to reduce fat intake, increase healthy ingredients, and manage meals.  She worked patiently with me to answer all my questions and to keep track of my eating habits and my meals.  She patiently answered all my questions and she constantly reassured me that I was on the right track, even with some unsuccessful days and weeks. 
Joanne also had me attend a gym to try it. Although I did exercise regularly, I joined the gym and became active in its difficult cardio classes. The extra exertion and the good nutrition have resulted in a weight loss of nearly 40 lbs. and a perfect cardiogram recently, and I am now 66 years old. 
Joanne always demonstrates warmth and kindness; never making you feel badly about your “mistakes,” and is always encouraging.  Her demeanor and positive outlook are genuine, not just a front to make you feel good. Her knowledge base has grown and she always has new information to assist you to find healthy and tasty recipes and foods. It all worked for me (and for Joanne as well, since she also lost much weight and is now svelte and healthy). She has made my life better.